Discover the four tracks of our summit and explore cutting-edge use cases for how companies and individuals are utilizing blockchain technology to finance a better future. Expect engaging 20-minute sessions and panel discussions from top leaders in the DeFi space covering topics including:

  • Investment Trends of 2022
  • Media and Branding
  • Marketplaces


The Biden administration’s recent executive order cemented that the regulation of digital assets cannot be ignored. This track will cover what industry stakeholders need to know and cover these issues:

  • The Future of the Regulatory Landscape
  • KYC Zero-Knowledge Proof
  • Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming
  • P2P Lending and Borrowing
  • Global Adoption: El Salvador & Ukraine War Bonds, Estonia Use Cases
  • Tax Considerations

DeFi Applications

DeFi applications allow more personal control through wallets and trading services that serve individuals. This track will explore the most exciting and successful project leaders  in the Dapps space and highlight: 

  • Lending and Borrowing
  • Token Swaps
  • Prediction Market and Insurance
  • Digital Identity + Management


DeFi ecosystem has grown rapidly, primarily due to its highly composable nature as over $40 billion currently exist within DeFi protocols on Ethereum today. Hear key insights from Defi leaders who will cover topics including:

  • Trading Firms on Defi
  • Infrastructure tooling
  • Tokenized Derivatives
  • Lego Blocks
  • Treasury & OHM
  • L1 vs L2 Chains & Protocols


Community is the backbone of the Defi universe. This track will highlight pivotal use cases from Defi communities that proved them to be a crucial driving force in the crypto industry. Topics covered will include:

  • Defi Startups to Watch in 2022
  • Prediction Market and Insurance
  • DAOs & Membership Models